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Purpose of PROMYS for Teachers

PROMYS for Teachers is designed to support current efforts in Massachusetts to enhance problem-solving and open-ended exploration in secondary school mathematics classrooms. PROMYS engages middle and high school teachers in an intensive experience of mathematical exploration. Over the course of six weeks, PROMYS teachers develop, through problem-solving, many classical results in number theory. This experience is enriched by a supportive community of other teachers, high school students, graduate students, and research faculty. The program fosters new insights into the nature of mathematical investigation as participants practice the habits of mind that are at the core of creative mathematics. Academic year workshops help teachers translate the summer experience into fundamental change in their own classrooms.

The Massachusetts Mathematics Curriculum Framework calls for exactly the kind of exploration that PROMYS provides. It calls for a shift away from solving routine problems to problem-solving as the focus of mathematics programs. Indeed, one of the Framework's guiding principles is that students should explore mathematical ideas in ways that help them maintain their enjoyment of and curiosity about mathematics. Accordingly, PROMYS participants are asked to work beyond their centers of competence and to push the limits of their knowledge. The PROMYS community provides a rich support network so that teachers can spend time as mathematics learners in a safe and supportive environment.

History of PROMYS

PROMYS has existed for over two decades at Boston University as a program that engages mathematically inclined high school students in the process of mathematical exploration through their work on unusually challenging problems in number theory. Since 1991, PROMYS has also worked with pre-service high school mathematics teachers from the Boston University School of Education. In the summer of 1999, PROMYS expanded its activities again by engaging in-service Massachusetts high school mathematics teachers in the program's summer activities and running five professional development seminars during the academic year.

PROMYS for Teachers Community in 2014

PROMYS for Teachers Faculty
Professor Glenn Stevens (Boston University) Director of PROMYS since 1989
Professor Caleb Shor (Western New England University)
               Director of PROMYS for Teachers
Dr. Al Cuoco (Distinguished Scholar at Education Development Center, Inc.)
               Associate Director and Co-Founder of PROMYS for Teachers
Professor Carol Findell (Boston University) - Faculty
Professor Steven Rosenberg (Boston University) Faculty
Professor Marjory Baruch (Syracuse University)
Erick Knight (Harvard) - PROMYS Research Coordinator

PROMYS for Teachers Counselors
Brendan Ferullo (Framingham High School, Framingham, MA)
Tanya Finkelstein (Diamond Middle School, Lexington, MA)
Ben Fischer (Boston University PhD program)
John Gilling (Seacoast High School, Revere, MA)
Kate Harney (Lawrence High School, Lawrence, MA)
Keith Hilles-Pilant (Math for America-Boston)
Brian Infante (Gann Academy, Waltham, MA)
Allen Olsen (Lexington High School, Lexington, MA)
Christopher Robinson (The Blake School, Minneapolis, MN)
Ander Steele (University of Calgary)
Tim Westfield (Boston College High School, Boston, MA)

21 Teachers in the PROMYS for Teachers program

PROMYS for Teachers Sponsors

PROMYS for Teachers is grateful for the generous support of its sponsors: Boston University, National Science Foundation, and The Noyce Foundation.

PROMYS for Teachers Partners

 PROMYS for Teachers partners with Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC); Math for America-Boston (MfA-B); and Park City Mathematics Institute (PCMI)

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