First-year student applications are now closed for PROMYS 2021.

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PROMYS is a program for pre-college students; there are participants from across the United States and also international students. Please visit this page for quick facts about PROMYS 2021.

PROMYS 2021 will be run as an online program. After a successful online PROMYS Bridge program in summer 2020, we are confident that we can offer an intensive learning experience for new and returning students. PROMYS 2021 will be as close to the in-person program as possible, with intense mathematical activity throughout the day and social activities to build community.

To be eligible, students must, by the first day of the program, have completed at least 9th grade (or its equivalent) and be at least 14 years old. (Unfortunately, there is no flexibility on these requirements). Students can attend during the summer between high school and college (or during a gap year). Students who already attend university are not eligible to apply to be students, though they may be eligible to apply for a counselor position. 

PROMYS is particularly interested in increasing diversity in mathematics and in science and technology opportunities more broadly. PROMYS strongly encourages students to apply who are female, African American, Hispanic or from other groups underrepresented in STEM.

Admissions decisions will be based on the following criteria: an applicant’s solutions to a set of challenging problems, teacher recommendation, high school transcript, and responses regarding interest in the program.


Mehta Fellowships to PROMYS for students in India

Students who attend school in India and/or are Indian citizens (or OCI card holders) are invited to apply for a Mehta Fellowship if they would need financial assistance to attend PROMYS. The Mehta Fellowships provide full scholarships to PROMYS covering all tuition and, if needed, the purchase of a tablet and Wi-Fi support.

For more details, visit the Mehta Fellowships page. Please email if you have questions. 

Yongren (永仁) Fellowships to PROMYS for students in China 

Students from China are invited to apply for a Yongren (永仁) Fellowship if they would be unable to attend PROMYS without financial assistance. Yongren Fellowships provide a full scholarship to PROMYS covering tuition, books and technical support. When PROMYS runs in person, the Fellowship also covers  room and board) plus visa fees and round-trip travel from China.

For more details, visit the Yongren Fellowships page HERE.


PROMYS Europe for Students in Europe

Pre-university students who are 16 or older and ordinarily resident in Europe are eligible to apply to PROMYS Europe at the University of Oxford in England. Students may apply to either PROMYS or to PROMYS Europe but not both for the same summer. PROMYS Europe Connect 2021 will be run as an online program.

Please click HERE to visit the PROMYS Europe site.   


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