CMI-PROMYS International Alliance Scholarships for European Students

2014 CMI-PROMYS Scholars at Wadham College, Oxford
After their six weeks at PROMYS, the 2014 CMI-PROMYS Scholars attended the week-long Oxford Masterclasses at Wadham College, Oxford University. In this photo, the Scholars and Dr. Alexander Ritter (front right) are shown with Wadham Emeritus Fellow Sir Roger Penrose (center front), who gave a presentation to the Scholars on Penrose tiling.

The CMI-PROMYS International Alliance is delighted to announce that 13 CMI-PROMYS Scholars, rather than the anticipated 10, have been selected from among the large and impressive pool of Scholarship applicants from Europe.

The 2014 CMI-PROMYS Scholars come from Belgium, France, Germany, Romania, Russia, Spain, and the United Kingdom and will attend PROMYS at Boston University (June 29-August 9, 2014) followed by the Oxford Masterclasses in Geometry at Oxford University (August 10-August 16, 2014).

Scholarship applications were received from 27 European countries. There were a large number of very strong applicants, and it was extremely difficult to select the group of Scholarship Finalists. Finalists from 10 countries were interviewed via Skype or telephone by PROMYS alumni from 8 European countries. The alumni told us how very much they enjoyed speaking with the Finalists about the students' interests and plans both in and beyond mathematics. Selecting the CMI-PROMYS Scholars from the pool of exceptional Finalists was again very hard. We look forward to welcoming the CMI-PROMYS Scholars in person to the PROMYS community at Boston University and to working with them this summer.

There are clearly a large number of talented young mathematicians in Europe who are very eager to collaborate with peers and to immerse themselves in challenging mathematical problem solving. We thank all the Scholarship applicants for their thoughtful applications and wish them a happy and productive summer and continued success in their mathematical endeavors.  

The CMI-PROMYS International Alliance, formed in 2013, is an expansion of the long standing PROMYS partnership with the Clay Mathematics Institute (CMI) which is generously funding the Scholarships. CMI-PROMYS Scholars will attend the regular session of PROMYS at Boston University and follow up their six weeks at PROMYS with participation in the one-week residential Oxford Masterclasses in Geometry, at Oxford University, England in which a number of PROMYS students and counselors will also be engaged. Professor Alexander Ritter will direct the Oxford Masterclasses.

These scholarships cover tuition, room and board, and roundtrip airfare (up to $1,500 for airfare) and are designed for students who have not attended PROMYS before.  All secondary students resident in Europe, and European citizens resident outside Europe, including graduating seniors, are eligible for these scholarships which are not need-based; students must be at least 16 years of age by August 10, 2014. Applicants should complete the CMI-PROMYS Scholarship application which includes a problem set and teacher recommendation. The mathematical material that students tackle at PROMYS is very challenging indeed, and it is expected that participants will enjoy working intensively in mathematics; but students do not need to have taken any advanced or accelerated math courses to thrive at PROMYS. PROMYS lectures, discussions, and problem sets are in English; participants should possess English language skills which are strong enough to enable full participation. PROMYS is happy to speak with the schools of accepted students to assist in the resolution of any conflicts between school attendance dates and PROMYS participation dates.  

Applications are no longer being accepted for the 2014 CMI-PROMYS Scholarships for European students. The deadline for receipt of Scholarship application materials was March 15.  


Oxford Masterclasses in Geometry: August 10 - 16, 2014

Director: Professor Alexander Ritter, Oxford University

CMI-PROMYS scholars will first attend the six weeks of PROMYS at Boston University. They will then participate for a further week in the Oxford Masterclasses in Geometry at Oxford University, England. The Masterclasses will take place at Wadham College and will be directed by Professor Alexander Ritter.  The Masterclasses will be similar in spirit to the activities at PROMYS. They will look closely at advanced topics in Geometry and will be accompanied by a series of guest lectures. Please click here for photos of the 2013 Oxford Masterclasses and quotes from the participants.

Professor Ritter is Associate Professor of Geometry at the Mathematical Institute at Oxford University and the Roger Penrose Fellow and Tutor in Mathematics at Wadham College. His research interests are symplectic and contact geometry, Floer homology, Fukaya categories, mirror symmetry, and symplectic field theory.  

Participants in the Oxford Masterclasses will be housed at Wadham College, Oxford University, and meals will be provided in Hall and in the college refectory.   Oxford University requires that participants in the Oxford Masterclasses be at least 16 years of age at the start of the program.  Please click here for a PDF giving details of accommodations and arrangements at Wadham College. 

Wadham College is the academic home of some 55 Fellows, about 130 - 150 graduate students, and about 450 undergraduates. The college celebrated its four hundredth anniversary in 2010.  

"It was a pleasure to teach such highly motivated students. Their level of devotion to solving the problem sets was quite extraordinary and I was very impressed at the work they produced:"
Professor David Conlon, Director of the 2013 Oxford Masterclasses, speaking of the 
2013 CMI-PROMYS Scholars.


 What the 2013 CMI-PROMYS Scholars say about their experiences:

"It has been an enlightening and delightful summer full of maths, insight and great people … At PROMYS, you will certainly have to work hard, pushing your horizons and thinking in new ways, but the challenges presented and the environment provided is perfect for this – to advance you mathematically and philosophically.  It’s undoubtedly been the most productive summer I’ve ever odyssey of self-discovery, mathematical learning and fun."
Bohan Yu (UK) CMI-PROMYS Scholar 2013

"These were the best six weeks of my life.  I've met a lot of interesting people, do a lot of math and made a lot of friends.  And when I've thought that life just couldn't get any better than this, surprise! Best experience ever!  
Andreea Iorga (Romania) CMI-PROMYS Scholar 2013

"CMI-PROMYS was a defining experience for me and gave me enormous insights both mathematically and emotionally."
CMI-PROMYS Scholar 2013

"I just can say is the most incredible experience I have had.  So incredible that I wish there was a second years scholarship so I could have the opportunity to come again."
CMI-PROMYS Scholar 2013

"It's an incredible experience and those who love math should try to participate."  
Spyros Koutroulis (Greece) CMI-PROMYS Scholar 2013

"PROMYS is awesome.  Apply!"
Koen Doodeman (Netherlands) CMI-PROMYS Scholar 2013

"I recommend people who like math to participate in it … PROMYS has been one of the best experience I had. … I just can say it's been an incredible experience."
Marc Tricas Perramon (Spain) CMI-PROMYS Scholar 2013

"It would be good if there were scholarships for second year students because this summer was the best summer I’ve ever had and I certainly want to come back again."
CMI-PROMYS Scholar 2013

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CMI-PROMYS International Alliance Organizing Committee

Professor Nicholas Woodhouse - President of the Clay Mathematics Institute (CMI), Oxford, England 
Professor Glenn Stevens - Director of the Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists (PROMYS) at Boston University, U.S. 
Professor David Conlon - Director of the 2013 Oxford Masterclasses in Combinatorics at Oxford University, England 
Professor Jürg Kramer - Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany 
Joshua Greene - Partner COMAC Capital LLP, London, England  
Professor Dierk Schleicher - Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany


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Interested students from Europe may email with any questions or call 617 353 2563