Typical Day

A Typical Day at the PROMYS for Teachers Program

(M – F, 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.)

A typical teacher's day in the summer program will begin with a morning lecture attended by all PROMYS participants: teacher participants, first year and returning students alike. This is followed by work with other teachers on a daily problem set. Counselors (graduate students in mathematics, research mathematicians, and graduates of previous PROMYS programs) serve as resources for the teachers in their work. Participants' written work on problem sets will be reviewed by the counselor staff each evening and returned the next morning with written comments. Weekly problem sessions run by PROMYS staff help teachers pull together threads of ideas from the problem sets and focus on the big ideas.

Second-year participants: Twice each week, teachers will meet with their small research group (usually two teachers and a counselor) in the exploration labs. In the fifth week, each research group will submit written reports of their work and give an oral presentation summarizing their results to the rest of the program.

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