PROMYS for Teachers

2015 PROMYS for Teachers Group Photo
Participants in PROMYS for Teachers 2015

An Immersion in Mathematics for Secondary Teachers

PROMYS for Teachers is a collaboration of Boston University's Department of Mathematics with the Education Development Center in Waltham, Massachusetts. Together we are working to promote what we call a "culture of exploration" in secondary school mathematics classrooms. Our experience proves that the joys of exploration and discovery can be experienced by secondary school students and teachers in ways that are not all that different from what a seasoned mathematics researcher experiences. Moreover, teachers who have such experiences in their backgrounds are better prepared to encourage independent inquiry among their own students. Reports from former PROMYS teachers confirm that all students benefit from this kind of instruction, not just the most talented ones.

Related Initiatives in Math Education

Master of Mathematics for Teaching

The PROMYS program has been influential in the development of several other significant initiatives, including a Master's Degree in Mathematics for Teaching at Boston University, Focus on Mathematics, and Math for America Boston.

Focus on Mathematics

Focus on Mathematics is an NSF-funded Math and Science Partnership of five school districts, three universities, and an R&D institution (EDC) centered at Boston University and founded on the principles of PROMYS. The partnership has developed a portfolio of programs including academic year seminars, colloquia, summer institutes, math fairs, school-based study groups with core involvement of mathematicians, and degree programs, including PROMYS for Teachers.

Math for America Boston

Math for America Boston, founded in 2010, is a partnership with Boston University (BU), Boston College, Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC), and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)/Wellesley Scheller Teacher Education Program (STEP), with support from the National Science Foundation’s Robert Noyce Scholarship Program, private donors, and private foundations. MfA Boston’s mission is to improve mathematics education in greater Boston public secondary schools by recruiting, training and retaining talented mathematics teachers. All participants begin their program with the six-week PfT immersion experience.  These teachers are building ongoing communities of mathematically expert master teachers who contribute to enriching the intellectual landscape of math teachers working in Boston area schools.

If you have any questions about Math for America-Boston, please contact Kristen Luce at or 617-358-2388.

Math for America

Math for America National will provide funding for a limited number Master Teachers from around the country to attend PROMYS for Teachers 2014. Housing on the Boston University campus will be provided.

Distinctive to all of these programs is the deeply personal engagement by all participants in authentic mathematical experiences within interacting communities of students, teachers, educators, and mathematicians.