Press about PROMYS

Latymer Link - February 2015
Written by 2014 CMI-PROMYS Scholar Joshua Garfinkel

"Early in 2014, I heard about an opportunity being offered by the Clay Mathematics Institute for twelve students from across Europe to participate in the Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists (PROMYS), a six week programme run at the University of Boston for high schoolers with a passion for mathematics."
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A Celebration of the Mathematical Work of Glenn Stevens
Conference on p-adic Variation in Number Theory (Glennfest), June 2-6, 2014
Professor Barry Mazur (Harvard University)

"What a great idea to have this conference celebrating the mathematical work of Glenn Stevens!" 
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PROMYS 2013 
FLAME: Journal of Mandoulides School, Thessaloniki, Greece, April 2014
Written by 2013 CMI-PROMYS Scholar Spyros Koutroulis

"I have always believed that mathematics provides the prism through which one understands the world, as well as a means to understand oneself and express one’s feelings. Mathematicians experience the challenge of solving a problem fueled with the same excitement and anticipation as the members of a band, about to perform live, in front of a crowd for the first time." 
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Oxford Workshop on Developing Exceptional Talent in Mathematics
Clay Mathematics Institute Annual Report, 2013

"The workshop brought together invitees from the US and Europe to share their extensive experience, accumulated wisdom, questions and sometimes divergent opinions relating to the     identification, encouragement, and training of exceptionally gifted young mathematicians."
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CMI-PROMYS International Alliance
Clay Mathematics Institute Annual Report, 2013

"The CMI-PROMYS International Alliance launched in 2013 with a successful summer program that extended and strengthened the longstanding partnership of the Clay Mathematics Institute and the Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists (PROMYS). The goals of the first year were to build a bridge from PROMYS at Boston University to the Oxford Masterclasses in the UK, and to establish the foundations on which to create, in Europe, a sister program to PROMYS."
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Summers of PROMYS

The Community Voice: Newspaper of Rohnert Park Cotati Penngrove, April 30, 2010
Written by alumna Yanran Lu

"The first three weeks at the program were characterized by a learning curve as steep as Mount Everest...what I brought home was an entire new mental process, one where being correct, having an answer matching with the one in the back of the book, is not as important as challenging myself to be the best I can be."
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Twenty Years of PROMYS - Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists
Clay Mathematics Institute Annual Report, 2009

"At PROMYS, they lived and worked for six weeks as mathematicians and scientists; and they believed this had a long-term positive impact on their lives." 
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Making Math Count: Professor Glenn Stevens on the push for new standards
BU Today, February 27, 2006

"This is one of the reasons that PROMYS succeeds. These kids are doing things well beyond what any other high school kids are doing, but the topic is not advanced — it's deep." 
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PROMYS at Boston University
Clay Mathematics Institute Annual Report, 2006

"Since 1999, the Clay Mathematics Institute has sponsored a variety of advanced seminars and research projects for returning students enrolled in the Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists (PROMYS) at Boston University"
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Playing the Numbers: A BU summer program builds a community of young math lovers
BU Arts & Sciences, Spring 2003

Summer: long days at the beach, cold lemonade, thick novels—and number theory. At least, that's what summer means to Professor Glenn Stevens (possibly excepting the beach, the lemonade, and the novels) and the high school students enrolled in BU's Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists, known as PROMYS. 
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Profile: Glenn Stevens
AMS Member Newsletter, Winter 2003

"Working with so many bright and energetic young people is a rare privilege that I am fortunate to enjoy through the program."  
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A Mathematical Detective: Studying Number Theory at PROMYS
Imagine Magazine published by Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, March/April 2003
Written by PROMYS student Louis Kang

"When do mathematics, having fun with kids your age, and a beautiful college campus unite in an unforgettable six-week experience? Why, during the Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists, of course." 

Menu of Math is High School Students' Summer Specialty
BU Bridge, Week of 12 November, 1999 

Gene Shuman, a senior at Byrnes High School in Duncan, S.C., is a certifiable math whiz. He taught himself calculus in ninth grade, received As in every math class offered at his school, and is the star of the Byrnes High math team.  This summer, however, while participating in BU's Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists (PROMYS), he was in for a shock: a math problem he couldn't solve right away.
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Summer of PROMYS
Bostonia, Fall 1999

"Since 1989, the Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists (PROMYS) has attracted math whizzes from high schools around the country to Boston University for six weeks during their summer vacation." 
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Camp Math
Bostonia, Fall 1998

"The students knew their days of summer vacation would be numbered. They counted on it, in fact, when they enrolled in the intensive six-week Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists (PROMYS)." 
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