PROMYS was founded in 1989 by members of its current faculty who were former participants in the Secondary Science Training Program (SST) founded in 1957 by Arnold Ross. The PROMYS founders' own experiences in SST provided them with a theoretical model for PROMYS which they adapted to their own environment at Boston University to which they introduced strategies for the discovery of bright and eager young students from all backgrounds.

Originally and crucially funded by the National Science Foundation's Young Scholar program, PROMYS is fortunate to have the support of its sponsors, partners, and alumni.  PROMYS is dedicated to the principle that no student should be unable to attend due to financial need.  

PROMYS and Boston University 

Over the past 26 years, PROMYS has become an integral part of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Boston University with at least three professors involved every year. 

PROMYS for Teachers 

In 1991, two years after the founding of the student program, PROMYS for Teachers, now a nationally recognized teacher institute, was established in collaboration with the Education Development Center (EDC), with a small group of 4 teachers. PROMYS for Teachers has grown to be a nationally known program attracting up to 50 Massachusetts teachers in recent summers. Teachers spend 6 weeks in the summer working intensely on challenging math alongside the talented high schoolers in PROMYS.  Follow-up activities consist of five full-day workshops offered during the academic year by mathematicians at EDC.  PROMYS for Teachers' mission is to enable the teachers to build the tools they need to create an atmosphere of joyful discovery in their own math classrooms. 

Related Initiatives in Math Education

The PROMYS for Students program has been influential in the development of several other significant initiatives in math education. For more information, please see here.  Central to the PROMYS family of programs is the community of young people that comprises the core of Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists – the original program for talented young mathematicians.