PROMYS has been sustained and enriched over the past 25 years by a belief that math is a deeply human activity best experienced within a richly interacting and mutually supportive community of learners including high school students, undergraduate and graduate students, teachers, and research mathematicians.  For six summer weeks, over one hundred mathematicians wrestle joyfully with math. Often for the first time in their lives, talented young people tackle math that is beyond their immediate grasp; are exposed to math which is beautiful and daunting; are held to exacting standards of rigor and precision; meet others with the same level of talent and passion; and learn, not just as students, but as scientists.  PROMYS is non-competitive and students learn from each other.  

The advanced students and counselors help create a deeply rich mathematical environment for each other and for the first-year students by offering seminars, minicourses, and lectures to augment those of the faculty and of the guest lecturers.  Similarly, it is crucial that the PROMYS students witness older students, counselors, and adult professionals engaging actively, intensely, collaboratively, and joyfully in creative mathematical endeavors. PROMYS proves to participants that many of the pervasive math stereotypes are inaccurate. They see for themselves that math is a creative and collaborative enterprise, that mathematicians can be engaging and happy, that there is a vibrant community they can choose to join, that math need not be a solitary activity, and that members of the community give each other social and intellectual support. Many alumni have told us that this exposure revolutionized their attitude towards having a career in math.  They say they came first for the math, and they returned for the people. 

PROMYS Community in the Summer of 2013 

58 First-Year Students

25 Returning Students

24 Counselors

Andrew Ardito - Princeton University
Eva Belmont - Oxford University (Head Counselor)
David Corwin - Princeton University
Krishna Dasaratha - Harvard University
Tony Feng - Harvard University
Matilde Gerbelli-Gauthier - McGill University
Michael Greenberg - University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Robert Huben - Hamilton College
John Lee (Junior Counselor)
Olivier Martin - McGill University
Erin McCloskey (Junior Counselor)
Lucia Mocz - Harvard University
Samuel Mundy - University of New Mexico
William Perry - Oxford University (Head Counselor)
Zhicheng Qiao (Junior Counselor)
Tomer Reiter - Carnegie Mellon University (Head Counselor)
Sandy Riasonovsky - University of Pennsylvania
Elena Slobodyan - Princeton University
Joseph Stahl - Boston University
Ari Stoler - University of Rochester
Sarah Trebat-Leder - Princeton University
Susan Xia - Bryn Mawr College
Jenny Yeon - Washington University in St. Louis
Dylan Yott - Boston University

Research Mentors

Professor Ira Gessel  (Brandeis University)
Professor Paul Gunnells (UMass Amherst)
Professor Glen Hall (Boston University)
Professor David Rohrlich (Boston University)
Dr. Arul Shankar (Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton University)
Dr. Jacob Tsimerman (Harvard University)
Professor Jared Weinstein (Boston University) 


Professor Glenn Stevens (Boston University)
- Director of PROMYS since 1989
Professor Marjory Baruch (Syracuse University)
Lucas Culler (MIT) - Research Coordinator
Professor David Fried (Boston University)
Professor Robert Pollack (Boston University)
Professor Steven Rosenberg (Boston University)
Professor Caleb Shor (Western New England University)
- Director of PROMYS for Teachers
Dr. Al Cuoco (Distinguished Scholar at Education Development Center)
- Associate Director and Co-Founder of PROMYS for Teachers
Professor Carol Findell (Boston University) - PROMYS for Teachers

34 Teachers in the PROMYS for Teachers program

14 Teacher Counselors in the PROMYS for Teachers program

Tina Cardone (Salem High School, Salem, MA)
Tanya Finkelstein (Diamond Middle School, Lexington, MA)
Ben Fischer (Boston University PhD program)
Dan Ford (Boston University PhD program)
Dave Hansen (Boston College PhD program)
Brian Infante (Gann Academy, Waltham, MA)
Li-Mei Lim (Brown University PhD program)
Allen Olsen (Lexington High School, Lexington, MA)
Christopher Robinson (The Blake School, Minneapolis, MN)
Paul Sherman (Math enthusiast and former teacher)
Ander Steele (Boston University PhD program)
Tim Westfield (Boston College High School, Boston, MA)
Dale Winter (Brown University PhD program)
Joshua Zelinsky (Boston University PhD program) 

Visiting Mathematicians and Alumni


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